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➣➣This article will tell you how to relieve a colic baby, and how to relieve a colic baby at night I have been crying about the knowledge points corresponding to the pictures. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. Article catalog: 1. Which method can relieve colic in babies? What is the best way? 2. How to help babies relieve colic in babies? 3. How to do colic in infants and young children Which method can relieve colic in babies Intestinal colic? What is the best way? 1. How to relieve baby’s colic? Warm water hot compress abdominal massage method Wrap a warm water hot water bottle (not hot) in a towel and put it on the baby’s stomach for hot compress. To further relax baby's tense tummy. Every day before the onset of colic (1-2 hours), rub the palms of your hands to cover the navel, and rub the belly clockwise. 2. Apply a hot towel to the stomach, put the warm towel on the baby's stomach, wait until the baby's stomach is warm, rub the palms and hands repeatedly, and then gently rub the baby's belly clockwise. This will help your baby gas and relieve pain! Airplane hug, also known as intestinal spasm hug, is a comforting technique that can effectively relieve the discomfort of baby's intestinal spasm. 3. Simethicone Simethicone is very effective at the beginning, but some babies will vomit badly after eating it; this can be used for two months, just after 100 days of use, the colic will disappear, and it can be relieved usually, but the fixed time every day is still Noisy, not that great. 4. You can also choose to apply a hot water bag on the baby's abdomen. These methods can relieve the baby's colic. If the baby's colic is not relieved and the crying is severe, it is best to choose to take the baby Go to the doctor's hospital for examination, and choose targeted treatment under the guidance of the doctor. 5. During the growth and development of the baby, the intestinal flora will gradually change, which may be the cause of colic. Studies have shown that the treatment of colic with probiotics has a certain relief effect. Babies who are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow's milk protein are more likely to develop colic. 6. For children with colic, you can do the following things to help the baby relieve it. Baoma can massage the baby. Baoma puts tea oil or olive oil on her hands, rubs her palms to warm them up, and gently massages the baby's stomach to help the baby expel intestinal gas. Baoma can do exhaust exercises for the baby. How to help your baby relieve colic? 1. You can change the milk formula; if you are breastfeeding, change your mother's diet. Airplane hug. Drink hot water and massage the stomach to relieve the baby's colic. 2. General treatment: When the baby has colic, it is necessary to temporarily stop eating, and at the same time let the baby stay in a warm environment, such as letting the baby curl up his legs or lean on a warm pad filled with warm water. 3. How to relieve colic in babies 1. How to relieve colic in babies. Colic. 4. At this time, the baby is very painful. As a parent, you must actively help the baby relieve the symptoms of colic. Parents can prepare a hot water bag and apply it on the baby's stomach, and use heat to relieve the intestinal spasm. It is very good to help the baby relieve the pain, and it can also prevent the recurrence of colic. 5. How to help the baby relieve colic. Keeping the baby warm can help the baby relax and relieve the symptoms of stomach tightness and spasm. Can warm baby's whole body, or just the belly. Wrap your baby in a blanket to keep him warm. Or hold your baby in your arms and curl your body up to warm your baby with body heat. 6. Baoma can give the baby some massage. Baoma can apply some tea oil or olive oil on her hands, rub her palms to warm up, and then gently massage the baby's stomach with her hands, which can help the baby expel intestinal gas. Baoma can do exhaust exercises for the baby. What to do about colic in babies and toddlers Here are some things that may help you soothe a crying baby with colic: How to hug a colicky baby or how to comfort a colic baby with a blanket Wrap it up and hold it comfortably. The room where the baby sleeps should be kept quiet and not brightly lit. If you don't feel like holding him is helpful, try putting him in the bed or bassinet for a few minutes. Using simethicone, simethicone can gather the small air bubbles in the baby's intestines into large air bubbles, which makes it easier to excrete from the body. Use the three-pass intestinal meridian method: This is a method of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly through massage, moxibustion and supplemented by spiritual therapy to treat flatulence in infants. It can fundamentally solve the baby's flatulence. For colic baby how to relieve colic, use a warm diaper to cover your baby's tummy. This warmth will relax your baby, and over time the colic will gradually decrease and stop clinging to your baby. Parents who use this series of methods can successfully help their children overcome colic. When the baby is sleeping, put on the bellyband for the baby, which can prevent the baby's abdomen from being caught by the cold wind and effectively prevent colic. Colic is a condition that often occurs in infants and young children. It is not a disease, but a common phenomenon in newborns. Many people want to know what to do if the baby has colic in 40 days. Parents should adjust the breastfeeding posture to avoid the baby from inhaling too much gas. They can also massage the baby's stomach to promote the baby's exhaust. Lying on your side puts pressure on your abdomen. If you use Kaisailu to relieve abdominal distension or severe intestinal colic, you can reasonably use Kaisailu to defecate and exhaust under the guidance of a doctor. Closely observe infants and young children. If infants with intestinal colic have pale complexion, blood in the stool, repeated vomiting or fever, they should go to the hospital for further examination in time. Let’s stop here for the introduction of how to relieve colic baby To search on this site.

How to relieve a colic baby➣➣How to relieve a colic baby crying at nightPicture


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