How to develop your own mini program for shopping applet➻➻Shopping applet template

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➻➻Today I will share with you the knowledge of how to develop your own mini program for shopping applet, and it will also explain the template of shopping applet. Happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to develop small programs in WeChat Mall 2. How to develop your own small programs 3. How to develop a small program in a mall How to develop small programs in WeChat Mall They are all directly outsourced to a third party, that is, to cooperate with a professional development service provider, and let the professional development service provider complete the development work. The professionalism of the development service provider often affects the development cycle of the mall-type applet. The activation function of mobile phone WeChat payment. Specific method: Independent development If you develop your own small program yourself, it is more cost-effective to do so, and you can save the money handed over to the developer. According to this method, assuming that the development of shopping applets and personal user applets, then you can have your own applets without spending a penny. How to make a shopping applet in the WeChat applet mall How to develop your own applet? Register the service account of the WeChat public platform; open the WeChat public platform and register the service account of the WeChat public platform, because only the service account can enable the payment function and realize online transactions. Refer to "Application and Improvement of WeChat Official Accounts". Download WeChat's official Mini Program development tool, which is a necessary tool for editing Mini Programs and uploading and reviewing Mini Programs. If you are a developer, have development experience. Then you need to look at the development documentation of WeChat, and look at some cases and the structure and grammar of small programs. Review of mall applet After the applet is developed, it needs to be reviewed through WeChat, and it can be used only after passing the review. The promotion and operation of small programs in the mall Zhang Xiaolong said: "In the future, Souyisou will be the biggest entrance to small programs. How to develop your own small programs 1. After the WeChat version is upgraded, open WeChat and click the menu item "Discovery" at the bottom. You will find that in the upgraded "Discovery" menu, a function such as "Mini Program" has been added. After clicking to open the Mini Program, you can see the nearby Mini Program and My Mini Program. The nearby Mini Program is the location of the surrounding area. 2. Check "Create QuickStart project" to develop your own small program. There are two modes for building a small program. One is professional customization, which requires a professional team. According to the customer's customized functional requirements, you can create your own small program. Buy a domain name server, put the developed program on the customer's own server, and renew the fee every year on time. 3. To make a small program, you first need a developer's identity, that is to say, you need to authenticate with your real name, because once the program is online, The number of users is unpredictable, and the social impact is also different. Someone needs to be responsible for the products produced. Log in to the main page of the mini program on the computer and go to the registration page. 4. There are three main ways to develop a mini program: by yourself Group a technical team to develop by yourself. This requires you to have corresponding personnel: product managers, framework engineers, JAVA, PHP, front-end, back-end, test engineers, UI design, etc. The simple development cycle is 1-2 months. 5. Develop and do it yourself. This is also the most economical way. If you develop it yourself, you can save the money paid to developers. In this way, if you develop a personal version of the applet, you don’t need to spend a penny 6. There are usually the following types of development methods for small programs: self-built small program development team: some large enterprises or enterprises with strong financial strength will choose to form their own development teams. The team, whether it is early development, or later maintenance, upgrades, revisions, etc., is more convenient to communicate. How to develop a mall applet Self-development: self-developed shopping applet How to develop your own applet, is to form a development team by yourself Develop small programs. How to develop your own small program in this way? The advantage of developing your own small program is that it is more convenient to communicate from development to later maintenance, upgrades, revisions, etc. But building a team requires not only recruitment costs, but also The salary of the technician needs to be paid. Template development, use the service provider's system to generate a small program with one click, the development time is short, and it can be successfully used online within 5 days, and this development method is cost-effective, suitable for small white businesses with simple needs There are three ways to develop small programs in the mall: I have many years of programming foundation, learn by myself, and research by myself. Using third-party small program development tools This way is to use third-party small program development tools, such as how to develop your own shopping small program I am using Niu Knife Cloud for the small program. This kind of tools generally do not require programming. This is the end of the introduction on how to develop your own small program and shopping small program templates for shopping small programs. I don’t know if you can find what you need from it. information yet? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

How to develop your own mini program for shopping applet➻➻Shopping applet template


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